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海洋之神成立于2006年,包括hy8590cc海洋之神(天津)有限公司和hy3380海洋之神(天津)有限公司2家实体公司。 海洋之神历经了十几年的磨砺,拥有一支经验丰富且熟知国内外标准和规范的专业团队,其中专业设计人员约90人,管理人员约80人,专业技术工人约100余人。主要致力于为油气行业和环保行业提供工程设计、成套设备及模块制造、海上维修改造等服务。  利丰海洋秉承“科技成就未来”的发展理念,为客户提供满意的增值服务及解决方案。   

Techmake Tianjin, wholly owns two subsidiaries: Techmake Engineers & Constructors (Tianjin) Ltd, Techmake Engineering Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.  Techmake, with its main business covering engineering & design, process manufacturer, commissioning services and offshore maintenance services, has been engaged in the oil & gas industry for more than 10 years. Through its experienced professional team which includes 90 experienced design engineers, 80 management staff and over 100 skilled workers, and with its best understanding of both domestic and international codes/standards, Techmake bridges the local quality resources supply and global high spec. demand and strive to provide clients with the most reliable, quality and competitive services to those with international marketing and global sourcing strategy.   Sticking to the concept of “Technology connecting future”, Techmake aims to deliver complete solutions and value-added services to the ultimate satisfaction of the clients.